Passports and visas

Before travellers arrive in Britain they should make sure that they have the appropriate identification and the correct visa.


If travellers are from the EU, to enter the UK they will need to show a valid passport, or national identity card if they are an EEA citizen.

If they are not an EU national, they will need to show further documentation, including a landing card, and they may need a visa. For more information visit the British government website.


Travellers may need to acquire a visa if they are not a British citizen or a citizen of one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. You can check if a visa is required on the government website.

In order to complete a visa travellers need to:

  • Register for an account
  • Fill in the application form in English
  • Pay for the visa fee online (in most cases)
  • Print out their form
  • Book and attend an appointment at a visa application centre