What is the project?

Experience England’s extraordinary outdoors.

The English National Park Experience Collection gives the chance to experience the unique living landscapes and timeless rural life that can only be felt in our National Parks. These are journeys through the history, culture, countryside and communities in the best of rural England.

Experiential tourism has seen huge growth in recent years, with consumers looking for more immersive experiences to connect with places and gain a deeper understanding of where they are visiting. When people travel they no longer want to just ‘see’ a place; they want to live it, breathe it, touch it, become part of it. The English National Park Experience Collection has been designed to appeal to international visitors seeking these kind of experiences – telling the stories of these landscapes and their people through bookable experiences.

Key markets

Australia, Germany

Social media

How to get involved

Intermediaries /
those selling England

If you’re interested in featuring our experiences in your programmes, please contact us.

We are working on a trade buyer’s guide, which will be ready in January, and a trade website which is due to launch early in 2019. These will help provide the information you need to get started – and we are happy to help discuss any queries you might have.

Products / suppliers

Further to an application process, 130 products and suppliers across nine of the English National Parks have now been selected, and the application process has closed.