Tap Grants (Tradeshow Access Programme)

What is a TAP Grant?

Department for International Trade (DIT) is offering support to businesses taking part as exhibitors at overseas trade exhibitions being held between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, within the VisitBritain Exhibiting space.

VisitBritain, on behalf of DIT, will be collecting applications for TAP Grants for the following DIT Approved Events below:

Event Location Dates Application deadline
Destination Britain China Sanya 19 – 22 November 2018 5 weeks before the event
Destination Britain America Austin 14 – 18 October 2018 5 weeks before the event
IMEX America Las Vegas 16 – 18 October 2018 5 weeks before the event
ITB Berlin 2019 Berlin 6 – 9 March 2019 5 weeks before the event

Am I eligible?

DIT funds are aiming to make something happen that would not happen otherwise. The Grant is therefore NOT intended for businesses that are already committed to taking part in the exhibition.

Grants support can be requested up to a total of six (6) occasions, starting from 1 April 2009. If you are unsure whether you have already collected 6 grants, please contact events@visitbritain.org.

Applicants already in receipt of third party grant funding to attend your listed trade show cannot also apply to TAP (e.g. Discover England Fund projects are NOT eligible for TAP Grants).

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a grant you must:

– be based in the UK (excluding Isle of Man or the Channel Islands) and be interested in promoting your UK based tourism product under the VisitBritain exhibition space and channels ( therefore be accepted to be one of the UK Suppliers Exhibitors ).
– be a small or medium-sized enterprise* , UK university, UK government funded centre of higher or further learning or UK government funded research organisation
– be either actively investigating export opportunities for your own business
– be a new exporter (exports accounting for no more than 25% of your turnover) or have exported for no more than 10 years
– be within the EU State Aid de minimis limit of €200,000 over the current rolling 3 year period
– not receive any other public funds towards eligible costs for the grant you are applying for
– not have been fully committed to attend the event prior to seeking the grant

You must also be able to demonstrate that you are either:

– selling products or services which originate from the UK
– adding significant value to a product or service of non-UK origin

View Tradeshow Access Programme exhibitor terms and conditions from 1 October 2017

* See SME definition: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/business-friendly-environment/sme-definition_en

How do I apply?

STAGE 1 A) Apply to attend the TAP Grant Event by completing the application form on the relevant event page. Events page
STAGE 1 B) Complete and send the TAP Grant Exhibitor Application Form within 3 days from your Event – Expression of Interest  form Read tap grants T&C

TAP Exhibitor Grant Application Form 18-19

STAGE 2 IF your Event Application is APPROVED (you will receive a confirmation email from events team) you will also be notified within 2 weeks if your TAP Grants Application form has also been APPROVED or rejected.

If your TAP Grant Application form is rejected, you will have to inform us within 3 working days if you wish to proceed without TAP Grant support

STAGE 3 If your TAP Grant Application form has been accepted, you will receive an invoice for the total amount of the event attendance minus the value of the grant. INVOICE FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE
STAGE 4 Once you have paid your event attendance you will be able to attend the event.

Should you not attend the event, the remaining amount of the event cost will be charged to your company (equal to the amount of the TAP Grants ).

Should you attend the event, no further payment will be requested.

STAGE 5 TAP Grants requests to complete the TAP Grant Feedback Form. This is mandatory and it will have to be returned to the indicated email address within 7 days from the event. TAP GRANT FEEDBACK FORM

For any further help or information about this please contact events@visitbritain.org.

What happens if I cancel?

  1. If you cancel your participation in the event within the cancellation deadline you will be able to cancel free of charge and TAP Grants will be returned to DIT ( they cannot be transferred to another company)
  2. If you cancel after the cancellation deadline you will be charged in full for the whole value of the booking, including the value of TAP Grants (full charges apply 0-4 weeks to the event).

DIT reserves the right to withhold any or all payments for the TAP grants if at the time of the application or at any time prior to the start of the event the participant:

  1. has ceased or ceases trading
  2. is in or goes into liquidation, administration, receivership, bankruptcy.
  3. is involved in an insolvency procedure
  4. fails to comply to grant terms and conditions
  5. causes embarrassment to Her Majesty’s Government
  6. provides inaccurate information on the Exhibitor Grant application form

Click here for more information about TAP Grants (www.gov.uk/guidance/tradeshow-access-programme.).