Opening hours

Opening hours in Britain are generally Monday-Saturday from 09:00 or 10:00 until 17.30. Outside of London and other main cities, many businesses, and shops operate reduced hours on Sundays or are closed, but in the larger cities most shops will be open. In the big city centres, particularly London, shops are often open until 19:00, seven days a week.

When are the museums open?

Of course this varies, but the many museums in London (a large number of which are free to enter) tend to operate late opening hours at least one day a week, while those outside the capital may have shorter hours. Always check online to see when the opening times are.

Public holidays

On public holidays, also known as bank holidays in Britain, banks, offices and some shops, restaurants and attractions close, and transport networks may run a limited number of services. Typically, the vast majority of stores are shut on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. However, there are often fun events around the country in these instances, providing a range of different experiences for visitors.