Bath and Bristol Microgap


Bath and Bristol Microgap

3 Days

A short break involves visiting a place. A microgap is about being immersed in a destination. And what better way to dive straight in than in the rich mineral waters of one of Britain’s cities? But it’s not all just about relaxation. The UNESCO city of Bath, and neighbouring Bristol, are bursting with activities to rival any city break – and with great access from Bristol Airport or London Heathrow, there’s more time to explore.

Getting To Bristol

For short trips, individual rail tickets can be booked in advance through the Trainline. Alternatively, to travel by coach, visit National Express to review timetables and book tickets.

Day 1

Bristol: SS Great Britain, Where the Wall and Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Not many people can tell their friends that they’ve climbed to the top of the rigging of “the ship that changed the world”. But weekend visitors to SS Great Britain can. And it will take their breath away – in more than one way! Brunel’s SS Great Britain – once the longest passenger ship in the world – is one of Bristol’s most iconic landmarks, and for good reason. Fascinatingly restored, and with the “Being Brunel” exhibition just next door, it’s no wonder this is the city’s number 1 attraction.

rigging climb ss great brit

Where the Wall

As the birthplace of Banksy, it’s no surprise that street art and graffiti play an important cultural role in Bristol. Where the Wall demonstrates the best of this art scene with its Bristol Street Art Tour, which runs on weekends and covers 30 years of cutting edge artwork and design. It fuses modern art, history and culture together, while walking the streets to focus on Banksy designs, as well as the designs of the people this mysterious artist has inspired. And speaking of being inspired, the company also runs a selection of Stencil Art Spray Sessions for those looking to get creative for themselves. These follow the Street Art Tour on Saturdays and Sundays, and give budding artists the chance to spray their own drawings with help from a knowledgeable guide.

dark haired man in a white shirt views graffiti on a wall i

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

A mass of colour fills the sky as the sun rises. The crackle of barbecues and the smell of bacon sandwiches fills the air. Thousands of people gaze up in awe and wonder. This the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. So, it does only happen once a year. But if travel plans happen to coincide – or if you can make travel plans overlap – then it’s the most amazing, magical way to start a summer’s day. Held over 4 days at the start of August, it truly is a sight to behold .. think blanket (it’s chilly in the morning), coffee (it starts early), and camera.

bristol balloon
Day 2

Bath: The Roman Baths & Thermae Bath Spa

The Roman Baths

No trip to Bath is complete without a visit to the Roman Baths. Fantastically preserved, and with a fascinating audio guide (in 12 languages), it’s a step back through 2000 years of history to explore the sights and sounds of a working bath house. You can’t go in the water (and you wouldn’t want to!) but visitors can get a great understanding of how the Romans relaxed and socialised here. They can even taste the water from a special tap within the museum (a small sip rather than a gulp would be our recommendation!)

Roman Bath

Thermae Bath Spa

Entering Thermae Bath Spa from the cobbled streets below, it’s hard to imagine what awaits. But as the only natural spa in Britain, Thermae Bath Spa invigorates and rejuvenates in more than one way … for its rooftop pool gives awe-inspiring views of the city that have to be seen to be believed. A two hour session here is a great way to relax after sightseeing (or shopping!) – visitors can either queue up on a first come first served basis, or can book a treatment in advance and guarantee a specific time slot.

The Thermae Bath Spa rooftop swimming pool
Day 3

Bath: Bath Abbey, Savouring Bath and Original Wild - Stand up paddleboarding

Bath Abbey

Towering above this compact city, Bath Abbey is an imposing and beautiful edifice. And there’s no place more peaceful to start the day than sitting inside for a while, to watch the light filter through the stained glass windows. Founded in the 7th century, there’s many a tale to be discovered. Just how did they build those spires? How did they craft the intricate detail of the interior ceiling? Following in the footsteps of pilgrims who have visited this site for hundreds of years is the very best way to find out.

bath abbey

Savouring Bath

Offering tours that are experiential by nature, Savouring Bath incorporate hands-on activity as well as food and drink sampling. The tours offer exposure to Bath’s unique culinary heritage and culture while supporting local businesses to create a unique experience.

Steam rising off the Roman baths

Original Wild – Stand up paddleboarding

Who says you need to be on a tropical island to enjoy paddleboarding? Not us. With full instructions on how to paddleboard (and not fall off), it’s a fantastic way to explore Bath and the River Avon. Original Wild offer private tours and all equipment to ensure a very memorable trip around the city. They will even take loads of photos during the paddleboarding and can make pub stops on request!

image of avon


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