Advertising in Britain magazine

Who is it for?

We recommend Britain Magazine especially to trade targeting the North American market as 60% of magazine readers are based within the region.


Reaching over 125,000 readers globally through print alone, distribution is to 34,000 paid subscribers, newsstands in the United States, upmarket retail outlets and on-going media partnerships, which see the magazine regularly delivered to thousands of the world’s elite travellers. An additional 29,000 unique online users a month view our content, along with 4,500 Facebook followers. We have opportunities for you to pitch your tourism product on both platforms so you can get the desired promotion for your business, event or region.


  • Prices vary depending on the size and type of advertisement you want to take out.
  • Printed Magazine – For an 1/8 of a page printed advertisement the price is £525, ranging up to a double page spread costing £5,513.
  • Online – A leaderboard advertisement costs from £17 cpm. With large banners in the magazine app costing £1,838.For a more detailed breakdown of the prices available take a look at the Britain Magazine media pack including information of our global reach and how you can get involved our print and digital opportunities.

What is included?

  • Access to high-end readers in the US and Canada (60% magazine circulation in North America)
  • Promotion to global readership of 125,000, including 34,000 paid subscribers
  • Exposure to an additional 29,000 unique online users a month


“Our inclusion in BRITAIN has been responsible for attracting a growing customer base in Australia and strengthening our presence in the American market. As such it is possibly the most cost-effective advertising that we undertake during the year.”
Paul Hulme, Homemade Holidays


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