What is the Discover England Fund?

The Discover England Fund is £40M that the government has made available to develop new bookable English tourism product. The fund is managed by VisitEngland.

Bookable products are something that can be booked by a visitor e.g. a vineyard tour, a paddleboarding experience, a visit to a castle. However often these products are difficult for a visitor to find and book directly and so, ideally, we also want the products to be bookable via the international travel trade – so that these products are featured in overseas tour operator programmes, via online travel agents etc., providing a far wider reach to an international audience.

Not all products are bookable. Free attractions are not bookable. More importantly, there is a whole host of potential suppliers which could develop a bookable product, but they don’t have the know-how. Think of a restaurant that could run cookery workshops, or a racecourse that could operate a behind-the-scenes tour, or a National Park that could give you “Meet The Ranger” experiences. This is what the Discover England Fund aims to develop – and in the case of the National Parks, they have done just that.

What does it mean to
tourism businesses in England?

The Discover England Fund has been shared among a number of projects, who were successful in their bids for funding. Most regions of England have a project operating within that area, and some have more than one. It may be that your business is well placed to get involved with an existing project and benefit from the ongoing promotional activity. Whether you work within a chain of hotels, a country pub, a boat hire company or anything in between – there is a whole range of exciting activity taking place, so take a look at the projects below to find out more details about how you can get involved.

What does it mean to
overseas travel trade?

England has tourism products and experiences to rival the very best – you just have to know where to find them! Day trips from Manchester to the Lake District? Boating holidays on England’s waterways? Cycling in Yorkshire? The Discover England Fund Projects serve up some of England’s well-loved destinations as well as some which are just waiting to be discovered – with a wide range of experiences and tourism products along the way. These products have been collated for you in a way that is easy to package and sell, be it via itineraries, product contacts, or fully packaged tours.

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Discover England Fund Year One

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The Discover England Fund was first launched in 2016 – supporting different sized projects across a variety of sectors. Some of these projects were short term, and other pilot projects went on to become the fully developed projects you see displayed above.

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