Explore Britain by Train

Rail travel is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to explore Britain.

Travelling by train is one of the most scenic and relaxing ways to discover the real Britain. A fast and frequent rail network means that nearly all areas of Britain can be easily discovered by train and public transport. The BritRail Pass is a cost effective and flexible train pass that covers the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and, as standard, offers travel at both peak and off peak times.

Travelling by train is a fantastic alternative to flying as there is no need to check in, and train stations are usually located in the centre of most destinations. The majority of trains have comprehensive on-board facilities, charging points, and often offer Wifi to make staying connected on the move easy.


A BritRail Pass is a ticket that allows you unlimited travel by train within the zones of Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) and gives you the option to choose the number of days of travel.

The BritRail Pass is priced extremely competitively and offers great value for money, especially if you intend to travel for an extended period of time. With a BritRail Pass you can take unlimited journeys around Britain on both peak and off-peak trains. Whether you want to explore Wales, Scotland or England, you can travel wherever you like, whenever you like on each day that your pass is valid. Overnight sleeper trains are included – Caledonian Sleeper from London to Scotland (with full BritRail Pass only) and Night Riviera, from London to Penzance, Cornwall, but you are required to make a reservation for a sleeping berth in advance.

BritRail Pass

The most cost effective way to explore Britain by train is with a BritRail Pass, which also includes many 2 for 1 attraction offers. With a BritRail Pass visitors can travel anytime and anywhere on the national train network, so they can just as easily uncover the delights of Scotland as they can relax on a beach in Cornwall.

BritRail M Pass

If travelling solely within England, the BritRail England M Pass can be downloaded onto a smart phone and the QR code can be used at ticket barriers and on-board trains. This can be purchased just before travelling to Britain and up to eleven months in advance, providing a fully digital experience that saves time and  is the simplest way to explore Britain by train.

Some of the journeys that can be included with BritRail passes for overseas visitors are:

BritRail Pass

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BritRail M Pass

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