GB tourism survey

The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) is a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain, and provides detailed information about trip and visitor characteristics.

The most up to date annual results are available for download here.

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Monthly results are available on our corporate website

This monthly survey covers overnight trips taken for any purpose, including holidays, business, or visiting friends and relatives. It measures the volume and value of overnight domestic tourism trips taken by Great Britain residents and provides detailed information about trip and visitor characteristics.

Interviewing is carried out face-to-face every week of the year. Annually, some 100,000 respondents are contacted, and any who have returned from an overnight trip within the past four weeks are asked to describe the details of that trip.

The survey was previously known as the United Kingdom Tourism Survey (UKTS), however since January 2011 data about trips taken by Northern Ireland residents has been collected separately. The UKTS has been running since 1989. The current survey methodology started in May 2005, so comparisons with results from earlier years are difficult to make and should be treated with caution.

Results presented from 2011 onwards are based only on residents of Great Britain. Comparisons with previous years using the same geographical coverage are included in monthly and annual deliverables issued for results from January 2011 onwards.

No changes have been made to documents produced from 2005-2010. These consider the whole of the UK, and cannot be directly compared with results from the new Great Britain survey. The Online Data Browser provides results on the same survey base (GB residents) from 2006 onwards, and may be used to draw comparisons over time.

Full details about the survey methodology are included in the latest Methods and Performance Report.