Great Britain Day Visits Survey

The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) measures the volume, value and trip characteristics of tourism day visits in Britain. The survey was launched in 2011 and uses an online methodology, with weekly interviews and an annual sample of c. 35,000 adults, to provide a detailed understanding of this key market.

Each month we publish a monthly summary of latest findings for the Great Britain Day Visits Survey, showing volume and value results for the year to date and the most recent three-month period for both tourism day visits and all leisure visits lasting three hours or more.

Monthly results are available on our corporate website, and the most up to date annual results are available for download here.

GBTS 2016

GBTS 2015

For this survey, it is important to define ‘tourism day visits’ in a way that is both measurable and in line with international recommendations. For the Great Britain Day Visits Survey, a ‘tourism day visit’ trip must:

  • Involve participation in one of 15 leisure activities;
  • Have lasted at least three hours (including travel);
  • Not be an activity which is undertaken ‘very regularly’; and
  • Be in a destination outside the respondent’s place of residence (or place of work if this was the start point of the trip). The exceptions to this are trips to special public events, live sporting events and visitor attractions.

Our Annual Survey Reports contain the full details of this definition, as well as details of the volume and value of all leisure trips lasting at least three hours, but did not fulfil the other criteria to be counted as a ‘tourism day visit’.

Full details about the survey methodology are included in the latest Methods and Performance Report.

You can also view a separate report which describes the approach taken to develop the weighting strategy.